Yummy Nums

And so I bid farewell to Vietnam and am about to live and work on the Andaman Coast of Myanmar in a region that only started allowing visitors three years ago.

Concerns are:

  • Will the food be edible?
  • Will there be only squat toilets?
  • Some other stuff I haven’t had time to think about yet

A rollercoaster of four months in Vietnam culminated in me losing my job and then finding dozens more over the following 48 hours.

Thanks to a recruiter in Bangkok, I will fly soon to one of the last unspoilt frontiers for intrepid tourists and English language teachers (who will go anywhere if the money’s okay and are already talking about Syria as a new destination once they stop all the unfortunate killing long enough to sign up for IELTS classes).

On the subject of edible food: this can be a very real concern as you can see from some of the tasty Vietnamese dishes on offer here in Bien Hoa.










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