Zayn Zayn Zayn, Ouvre Le Chien

Why, Zane? WHY??

I have to admit, the news that Zane has left One Direction made me quite wobbly for a while. I drove around in the car with no direction at all, just a sense of utter despair. I could see no colours, only black, and all beauty and hope in the world seemed lost and gone forever.

I pictured the future generations being born into a world with no Zane in One Direction and I wept bitter tears for those generations who would never know, for themselves, how 1D were when Zane was in it.

Friends reckon that that Germanwings pilot crashed the plane because he didn’t want to carry on in a world without Zane in 1D. They’re probably right.

I’ve started writing a poem to commemorate this tragedy (Zane leaving 1D) but I’m too traumatised to finish it right now:

Zane Zane
If I had a plane
I’d crash it

 I keep crying and then I find myself thinking that maybe it’s not true and he hasn’t left 1D after all. But then I remember that he actually HAS left One Direction and I cry again.

The worst thing is, I didn’t even know who he was until yesterday.

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