Jesus Pizza

“…before 1992, I was all about the Ham and Pineapple.” Jesus Pizza, spotted in South Korea by writer, libertine and friend Scott Morley, whose current blog is here. He says he will have a kick-ass site in January and fair […]

American Way

A track I wrote in 2005. The sample is from some late-50’s “Gee, America- everything’s JUST SWELL!” advertorial.  


An electronica track I made 10 or 12 years ago on the subject of fingers clicking. I had only recently got over the pain of RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at the time, you understand, and I think the track […]

Gil Scott-Heron

If that Gil Scott-Heron hadn’t had such a chip on his shoulder, he could have BEEN on TV instead of just moaning about how it wouldn’t televise his imagined revolution. THEN he could have done some ads. Serious money. Instead, […]

Myeik, Myanmar. Street View

A3 charcoal on paper. A street in Myeik, a city in an isolated province of Myanmar. I spent a year there, largely by accident. I haven’t drawn much for 25 years and am getting back into a flow of using […]

Don Det, Laos

A charcoal drawing I’ve just made.   I went to Don Det, Laos by mistake after the editor of assured me it was a party place. It wasn’t but it was very peaceful and highly-recommended if you are looking […]

Crotch Hillary

Hi! I’m Limp Kidney! Nice to be met! Feeling fantabulous in my Hillary Clinton-pantsuit pantsuit (or is it a onesie?) If I could get an erection I’d show you Crotch Hillary’s Pinocchio routine but I can’t and so I won’t. […]

Pompous Pirate

For the Reboot of the Bible I reckon they should change Pontius Pilate into Pontius Pirate. That would be great for all sorts of pirate-related nautical riffery. Also, they didn’t even have planes in those days, so how the hell […]


Here’s a joke for yer…   Why does Pudsey the Bear have an eye patch? Because Jimmy Saville spunked so hard in his face it both blinded and disfigured one eyeball forever.

Saigon Riverfront

A3 charcoal on paper. I just drew this but it is of the riverside in Saigon three or four years ago. The middle area- which was some kind of scrubland- has since been filled in with more high-rises. Some have […]

Monkey Shags YouTube

I’m going to post the tracks I recorded as Repetitive Beast on youtube in no particular order. Here’s one because I was thinking about Tom Baker just a little while ago. I sampled a famous session of Tom Baker being […]

Japanese Backstreets

I had to go find a visa agent who can do me a 12-month extension on my current 6-month business visa here in Vietnam. He charges me $365 for a 12-month extension and pays the police $350, thereby making $15. […]

Finally, David Icke

If you managed to fit EVERYONE in the WHOLE WORLD on the Isle of Wight (source: Collins Encyclopedia, 1968). THEN, FINALLY resident David Icke would get the worldwide audience he so richly deserves.