Not a Belieber

Nocturnal Sex Fiend writes: Monday Is it me but when I hear the name Justin Bieber my blood pressure rises & I feel aggressive. Do u think it’s normal to hate someone u don’t know that much. Osama bin laden […]


Near the Levers of Power

Back when there was an Office of the Deputy Prime Minister in the UK, the actual Deputy Prime Minister was a fat turd of a man called John Prescott, an old-school ex-trade union blowhard there to provide a figleaf of […]


Merchants of Death

Although I would later claim- quite falsely- that I left the UK as a protest about the Iraq invasion, the truth is rather more prosaic. I was in London at the time and Iiving in Fulham with Redgate72 or, as […]


Christmas Gin 5

With GinĀ a distant memory now (this was ten minutes into the ferry journey), the holiday settled into a far more relaxed yet dramatically-uninteresting groove. I hear this is known as the ‘falling motion’. Orange finally got his play on New […]


A Real Holocaust

I don’t like the situations the political matrix serves us, but the Russians are saying a vote for Hillary is a vote for world war and a vote for Trump is for world peace. No, I don’t particularly care for […]


Question to the Guys, Here

You don’t need to answer. I’ll just take your silence as compliance and register a big fat “yes” against your IP address. (PS: I am in my safe space now, so whateves)

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