Days 218-221 Ghastly Emanations

“Whither Ron Gridcharts?” I hear you cry (I don’t actually- I’m not that deluded). Well, I’ve either been slumped on the toilet or had my head down the toilet for three days due to a ghastly food poisoning incident at a local […]

Big Gay Cousin

1998, The Midlands, England. I cracked open a can of Stella and swigged from it, staring out the train window at the rapidly darkening landscape that rushed past. As I swallowed the tangy liquid I tried to empty my mind […]

Goats. Eeeh.

Either the entire town smells like goats tonight or the motorcycle taxi driver could use a good wash. UPDATE: yeah it was him. Goats have a particularly gnarly smell about them. A lot of them roam wild on the streets […]

King of Swing

Swing Club in Bangkok is as underground as a night club can be without actually being under the ground. It never advertises or promotes itself and has no desire or need to. You can find it listed as a night […]

Boo, Don’t Do the Stand Up Poo

Flush from convincing men everywhere that sit down wees mean less nagging or are somehow posher, the real agenda of the New World Odour becomes clearer with each passing day. The stand up poo is to be rolled out worldwide […]

No Picture

Rogue-like Shopping

For a ‘rogue-like’ shopping experience, drink large quantities of cider before starting the trip. Once beaten, ‘expert mode’ can be unlocked by forgetting the shopping list and what was on it and simply staggering to the exit with what you […]

National Express Anthumb

I not so recently made an epic non-stop (except for a 45 minute wait at Birmingham) National Express Coaches tour, exploring a substantial portion of of the M1 and even down to Victoria Station in London. The purpose of this […]